No better way to spend a Sunday than going climbing

Well, you can exchange „climbing“ with „hiking“ or „kayaking, surfing“, whatever, basically being in the nature and being active, that’s just great before going back to a week full of work in the office I think. 🙂 I feel tired, but nicely tired, and after having a shower and dinner I feel ready for just having a nice evening. Although I might practise my presentation after finishing this entry, it’s due on Friday but I want to do it well, nearly forgot about that… 😛

Well, but let’s start from the beginning. I had to get up at 7 because Ken’s friend Tom was supposed to pick me up at 8, again a very early start… 🙁 To be honest I felt pretty tired but we stopped on the way and I got a second coffee and that helped a lot. We climbed at Pine Ledge in Connecticut today, a great place for sport climbing I think (I’m mainly writing it down for my own reference, in case any people ask me about climbing in that area at all). It was nice, again in the woods and the shade was very good again, I felt that it was a hot day today. There were a lot of people, so I had to wait quite a while until I could do my first climb (because I still don’t feel comfortable leading, even not easy routes, I think I would do it if I knew the routes. But I took some nice pictures of the others:





I also took a picture of Ken’s and Michol’s dog, Maggy. Tom’s dog was there as well, Molly (but I forgot to take a picture of her, she liked licking my sweat, weird dog. 😛

I didn’t have the ambition to do anything super great today, to be honest yesterday after the sports course I felt my legs hurting quite a bit, maybe I should take it a bit slower, like not doing sport THAT often… I did a 5.7, I did it twice, and the second time went much easier. I think it’s good to do routes more than once, I also do it indoors in Birmingham a lot. I finished it both times, so that was good, would have been bad not to finish a 5.7. 😛 I also nearly finished a 5.8, just at the last move my arms got very tired, just spent a long time there. That’s another thing I’m trying to learn at the moment, apart from using feet a bit more and not always stretching arms out that much, just go for the move a bit quicker because if I spend too long on it, then I get tired and scared and then it’s almost over.

Here are some pictures of me climbing that route:


And here the pictures of the move I couldn’t do in the end:


At this point I also injured my finger, it was bleeding and hurt quite a bit, so basically from this point I was a bit too tired to do anything great. I tried a 5.9, I tried it twice and the last time it already went a bit better but the first move was already quite hard and I didn’t manage it, my fingers just starting hurting too badly (there were no proper footholds). One of the guys was making a few jokes about it, not in a mean way, but still, my hands are quite sensitive, can’t help it! 😛 And men have thicker skin anyway!

But it was a very nice day. My camera fell down a part of the rock by the way, the second time that happened, but luckily it’s a very robust camera, I still could upload the pictures. 🙂

After coming home I first had a shower, was nice to get the sweat and dirt off and clean the wounds. Then I made dinner, it turned out nicely, was again a salad, this time without curry and cumin so I didn’t put too much of it in it. 😛 I didn’t take a picture but I liked the recipe, so I will share it with you if you are interested:

The quantity is enough for one big dinner and a lunch what I did or two small dinners:

Cook 100g of rice (I used a bit less). Cut one raw courgette, two peppers, 3-4 tomatoes, 2 spring onions and I added a bit of sweetcorn. Mix all together. Make a sauce out of garlic, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and I added a bit of mustard too and put it over the salad.

When I ate, Mae and her son who’s there at the moment ate too, they had takeaways, burritos, I don’t get the Americans, eating out or having takeaways is really a thing here. Well, it’s not necessarily more expensive, at least not if you compare if to Eastside Market, where I do my shopping, because cheaper shops are too far away, but still, I like to cook, just nice to expand the cooking skills I guess and I prefer to know what I’m actually eating. And takeaways are so bad for the environment, all the rubbish they left! But well, sorry to say it, Americans have to learn a lot about caring for the environment, but hard under the current government I guess… :/ Mae then commented the amount I ate, which annoyed me, she said it’s so much, ehm, sorry???!!! You are the fat one! 😛 Sorry to say it, I’m totally against body shaming/fatshaming, especially in females, but why the fuck did she have to comment how much I am eating??! It was a quite large bowl but not massively big, I went climbing today, it’s just rice with veg, I guess their burritos weren’t necessarily better in terms of calories and carbs and certainly not in terms of fat but actually, I HATE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS NEED TO COMMENT EVERYTHING! JUST CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN SHIT AND LEAVE ME ALONE! So, if you wanna know how you can achieve that I hate you, here’s the recipe: Just comment everything I do/ eat/ drink/ wear/ say, and I mean comment it in a negative way, and I’m gonna hate you. Simple as that. 😉 Ok, I got over my anger haha, it’s just, I don’t comment others all the time, so leave me alone! I didn’t get into an argument with Mae, could have said she should watch her carbs, I have a WAY better body (in terms of what is considered as a „sexy body“ in women, but I honestly think my body is much healthier, she should lose a bit of weight) and I could have said how she destroyed the environment with her take-aways, but not worth it, don’t need to get as low in my standard as other people. But honestly, lol, I had a bit of cornflakes with half an apple and non-fat yoghurt for breakfast, one sandwich with cheese and half an apple and half a pear for lunch at climbing and then this dinner, rice with veg. And one cappuccino with almond milk and one ice-tea, that was it, generally not like horribly much and especially not much considering I went climbing today. I quite like the fact though that I don’t need as much food anymore as I used to when going climbing or hiking, I take it as a good sign like that my body is more used to that sport. 😉

Right, I think I will try to do my presentation now, tomorrow will be a long day of testing but I’m quite looking forward to it actually.






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  1. Juleczko, Ty nie jesz za duzo tylko normalnie i zdrowe rzeczy. Do tego robisz duzo sportu. Jesz poprostu tyle ile Twoj organizm potrzebuje. Nalezysz wiec do szczesliwych ludzi, co moga jesc co lubia, ile chca i nie muszy sie martwic o figure. Czyli jesli Ci ktos powie, ze duzo jesz, mozesz spac spokojnie- bo jesz zdrowo i masz piekna figure. Usciski. Pama

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